Major’s Birth Story

May 29, 2020

This was my last day of work as an occupational therapist at my FT job. I had originally planned to work 2 more weeks (LOL), but as the pandemic became increasingly more stressful and my body less able to physically handle my job duties, I decided to take an earlier leave. Not only was this day my last day of work, but it was also the release date of my very first single, Loving Arms. In addition,  my mom had just arrived in Dallas in preparation for Major to arrive!!

May 31, 2020

On Sunday, May 31st, I woke up feeling different. Something in my spirit, my presence, the atmosphere, it just all felt different. I started my day as I normally had, with a short devotional, prayer, and worship music, made breakfast for my husband and I, and watched church service online. While watching service I just felt the Holy Spirit in our apartment, breathing live over us. I knew then that Major would arrive the next day…I just knew. So I began to get things together, organize a little more, begged my husband to make sure the car seat was properly installed and ready to go…yet, I never mentioned to him that I knew it was almost time. I just kept it to myself, as I felt it was just so sacred of a moment. 

That evening, my husband and I watched a movie, “I Still Believe” and as we watched the movie, I was so overwhelmed by emotion behind the story, and the fact that this was the last time my husband and I would watch a movie together as just the two of us. I cherished this moment so much, I can remember the feeling of my husband’s hand on my leg, the smell of the room, the temperature, and God’s overwhelming presence. It was simply the most beautiful night before birth I could’ve ever imagined. {If you are struggling with your identity in Christ or lack of faith, please watch it. I promise it will bring God’s hope and faithfulness to your heart}. After the movie, I added the song, “I Still Believe” by Jeremy Camp to my labor & delivery playlist. I began to feel braxton hicks contractions and then suddenly a lightening of my stomach as I bounced and swayed on the birthing ball. Before, I prayed and slept peacefully for 3 hours…

June 1, 2020

At exactly 1:58am I got up to go to the bathroom & had my very first contraction while sitting on the toilet. I said to myself “wowwwwww, okay THIS is what a contraction feels like…okay let’s breathe Jemila, just breathe…” I started my contraction timer, however remembered my doula & midwives had instructed me to REST during early labor, so that is exactly what I did. Between 1:58AM to 8:15AM, while my husband slept I was back and forth to the bathroom & bed resting. I chose not to wake my husband because I knew it would be a longgggg day ahead and wanted him to get as much rest as possible also, lol. When my husband, Austin, woke up for work at 8:15am, I told him and he was shocked, excited, alllll the feels LOL. I told him to go about his work day at home and as he did, he continued to check on me every 30 min. At that point, my contractions were about 6-10 min apart only lasting about 30-50 secs. 

Around 11:25AM the contractions started to kick it up a notch, lasting longer (55 secs – 1 min) with less time between (4-7 mins between)…AND THEN Austin went to make me some soup, I had a tough contraction almost to where I couldn’t speak through it around 1:48 PM and that is when we pulled the plug, called the midwives, grabbed the bags, & headed to the birthing center. All I know is that the drive there I had my eyes closed, breathing, nauseous, and feeling allllll the back labor. Literally as soon as we pulled up I jumped out the car because I wasn’t going to make it one more second with that nausea. I couldn’t believe I threw up!!! In my head I was like “Hmmm, another thing no one warns you about” LOL. 

When we arrived at the birthing center I was only at a 4cm dilated and need to be at a 6. So, Austin made me go for (what seamed at the time to be) a dreadful walk, doing curb walks, squats, steps…allll the things to progress me. AND IT WORKED!!! Literally, about 1 hour later {around 4pm} I was in active labor. I thought the contractions were tough before that HA! joke was on me, because when active labor started I was like ohhhh man. I had lots of back labor, Major was extremely low in my pelvis which made my contractions feel a little more intense. My husband, pelvic floor PT/friend, 3 midwives, and birth photographer were all present by this time. I labored on the bed in side lying and all 4’s. I labored in the tub. BUT I also labored on the toilet which was a GAME CHANGERRRRRR. Laboring on the toilet progressed me very quickly and about an hour afterward I was back in the tub on all 4’s prepping to push baby out!

Once I got back into the tub the final time, I knew it was go time. My pelvic floor PT held my hands, encouraged me through it all, while my midwives coached me and soothed my back labor, and my wonderful husband was so present and alert, praying over me and our son. The contractions were so tough I wanted to give up. I said to my PT, Kat, “I don’t think I can do this” and she stated “You can do this, you are a warrior.” Hearing words of affirmation, worship music in the background, essential oils, and let’s not forget the mini fan blowing on me…I felt empowered and encouraged. When baby boy’s head started to crown, I just knew I was going to give up, but no one in that room was going to let me do that, which I am so grateful for. Major’s hair started sticking out, floating in the water and one of my midwives said “Jemila I want you to reach down and touch his hair”…I said “I don’t think I can do that”…She said “You can do it, it will encourage you, you are so close Mama”…

And so I did just that. I reached down and touched his hair, and that changed EVERYTHING about my perspective. That was just the motivation that I needed. As I began to push, changing the position of my pelvic floor to help push baby out I heard the song “I Still Believe” from my labor & delivery playlist in the background…I am getting tears and goosebumps now just thinking about that moment again. GOD was ever so present. Moments later, as I pushed Major out I heard Austin saying “He’s almost here babe, he’s coming, your body was made for this, he’s coming, he’s coming…” and within moments, Major was in my arms and on my chest. 

TEARS OF JOY. The feeling is indescribable, the best feeling in the entire world. About 4 hours later after Major and I were both thoroughly checked and cared for by our midwives, we headed home as a family of 3, with Major Makai Medley. 

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