Wanderlust Family Retreats

The Motherhood Retreat of a Lifetime:

Wanderlust Family Retreats

If you follow me or are within my mama community, you know how important self care is to me…

Does it mean I  am always great at taking self care days or mental health days? No.

But, it does mean that I try my best and implement strategies throughout my days, weeks, months, and when planning, in order to ensure I don’t burn out.

One thing as mamas we are all guilty of (to some degree) is not investing into ourselves and our wellness enough.

I learned this the hard way and then quickly realized if I was going to be the best mama for my babies and wife to my husband, then I needed to put my health and wellness first.

But that doesn’t mean we have to do things without our kiddos all the time! There are some really effective ways to incorporate your children into your health & wellness…

One of which is through retreats! Yes, I said retreats. Health & wellness retreats are a real thing and now there is a motherhood health and wellness retreat which I am so excited to attend!

Let me introduce you to Wanderlust Family Retreats…

A family style retreat geared toward self care for MOMS! & yes you can bring your family….say what!!

Honestly, a mother’s dream. To get time to yourself but also time with your kiddos at the same time…

That is what I call balance

Gone are the days of burning yourself out

Wanderlust Family Retreats is hosting their first ever in-person retreat this summer…
June 2022 in Catskills New York

If you’ve never been to the mountain-side of the East Coast, you’re missing out…

The cabins and scenery are truly refreshing within itself, let alone having the entire 4-day retreat and daily schedule with childcare

I am feeling relaxed just writing this and I hope you do too, mama!

If you’ve been looking for some non-traditional “self-care” time to truly invest into YOUR health & wellness, there’s no better place to do this than a in a space where you can truly connect with your self beyond your daily routine or a quick spa day…

Take a peek here!

Honestly, it’s truly a blessing that we have resources like this available to us as mamas…we deserve this yearly

Amongst the chaos, great things are happening and Wanderlust Family Retreats is one of them! 

If you haven’t started taking time to invest into yourself mama, it’s time to start now.

In order to give the best of yourself to your family and your work, you have to spend time with YOU

I wouldn’t be the mom, wife, or business owner that I am today if someone didn’t tell me early on in motherhood that I needed to take moments like this for myself…

And if no one else told you, I am telling you…


Checkout Wanderlust Family Retreats & follow them on Instagram, you will not regret it!

Hope to see you there XO 

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